A stress-free car buying experience.

I will be the first to admit I've owned a lot of truly terrible cars, usually purchased from shady used car lots that have always coincidentally been located in the immediate vicinity of section-8 housing and dodgy massage parlours. I am pleased to say Thomas Auto Sales was a refreshing exception. During my previous car shopping endeavour at a Milwaukie dealership that I will refer to simply as "Some place on McLoughlin Blvd next to a trailer park" I was met by a twitchy man in a dirty wifebeater with "Not Guilty" tattooed across his neck who tried to sell me a Ford Taurus with no title and moist seats. Needless to say this was a stark contrast to my experience at Thomas Auto Sales where I was met by a respectable salesman in a polo shirt who went by the name Junior. Mr. Junior as well as the rest of the staff I encountered were very polite, courteous and professional. All said and done I was in and out with a new-to-me Mitsubishi Galant before lunchtime and he even drove my old car back to my house so I wouldn't have to make the second trip to pick it up. All in all this was probably the best car-buying experience I've had by far. So long as you don't have a phobia of being handed business cards (I counted seven by the time I left) then I would absolutely recommend Thomas Auto Sales to anyone looking for a used car!


This was my first experience buying a car from a dealership. From the moment I drove up to lot lot I was impressed by the quality of cars they had in stock. I found the Ford F-150 I had been looking for and the whole transaction went as smooth as butter. Ask for Will (Wilbert) who will treat you with respect and won't pressure you but help you get the price you deserve. I will always consider Thomas Auto Sales in the future when looking for another car. They all seem to be good people with quality cars on their lot.

Cameron Seeley

I bought a 2005 Mustang from Thomas Auto 2 months ago, AS IS, no warranty. Yesterday I found out it needed a head gasket. I called around and found out that it is not a cheap repair. I went back to Thomas, and talked with Barney, hoping they would fix the car allowing me to pay on payments, or at best, do the labor and I pay for parts. He went above and beyond. They are fixing the car, no charges at all. I was so relieved. And to top it off, he is giving me a loaner car while they repair mine. They had no liability to fix the car, I bought it w/o warranty. He did not have to help me. But he did. He said that he can't fix it if he doesn't know what was wrong, and honoured that. When you buy a used car, there are bound to be some issues, Thank you Barney, and Thomas Auto for all you did. I love the car and will definitely recommend your dealership !!

Vicki Hamilton

I have wanted a Mazda Miata for years but was circumstances were never right to purchase one between loosing my job and other bad things happening in my life I thought my dream of owning a Miata would never happen. But I still had that dream, but with life kicking me around so much my credit wasn't so good. went for it anyway and Thomas Auto got me financed my Car is beautiful and runs great with my credit I doubt anyone else could of financed this car for me but they did they made everything so easy I told them this is all I can put down and what I thought I could afford for the monthly payment and they made it happen! Dreams do come true! If your thinking of buying your Dream car this is the right dealer.

Debra Teufel

After forty years of dealing with car dealers, Wilbur is definitely the best salesman I have ever met. He is a top-notch salesman. He has supported me through the purchase of my Ford Ranger since July 2, 2012, ( I finally bought it on September 7, 2012, believe me, his patience is certainly a rare virtue!) I battled several life crises and Wilbur was incredibly understanding and compassionate. He is an extraordinary human being with qualities seldom found in people, especially car dealers (no offence). Wilbur has been so helpful to the point of going out of this way for me in every incident we encountered. I have to move out of my apartment and desperately needed a canopy to move my belongings. Again, I called Wilbur and he came through once again. Wilbur is an essential asset to your dealership and I would recommend him to everyone. Thomas Auto and the world is blessed with having Wilbur as an employee.

Sincerely, Deborah LaTorre

Ask for Skip if you decide to go through Thomas. Being in sales myself, I know how hard it can be not to be too cheesy and too salesy. Skip was great. We just bought the nicest car I have ever owned. Skip made the experience very comfortable. He was very patient with us. He wasn't pushy at all. I have nothing negative to say. Just a little tip: inspect a vehicle very thoroughly. We found some minor cracks on glass (we could have used this in negotiations), but it's not that big of a deal. Go to Thomas!

Rina Nichols

Definitely the best car shopping experience I've had. Not only did the replace they deck with a brand new model, but they also replaced the thermostat and radiator even though they weren't obligated to. The deal was hassle free and the quickest I've done. Great dealer - will recommend to anyone.

Ben Martin

They made me a deal, or two, I didn't accept the first one, or the second, but when I requested that they meet me half way on the 3rd offer they did. The truck we bought was inspected by a few different mechanics and it checked out great. Frank - the sales manager here, and Mike our sales person, are top notch people and it was nice working with them.

Greg Beddor

They were awesome it's my first car and I didn't know exactly what was what but they everyone was super helpful and polite from start to finish. I was helped by Woody and he was really patient and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend to anyone and in the future if I want another car they will definitely be the first people I come to.

A Google User

Here is my experience. I live in Auburn, WA. I had been looking for a car for several weeks. This is the first time I have been able to buy a newer car and as a single female, was very afraid to 'get taken'. I had previously bought a car from a dealer in Beaverton, so I called to see if he had anything available. He tells me he has a nice 2003 Grand Prix that is perfect. I reiterated that I did not want a car with any flaws, inside or out and it HAD to have a sunroof. He assures me everything works, sends photos, etc... I leave my job after 2 hours to get on Amtrak for the ride to Portland. A 3 hour ride. I get out to his place, and the car has major issues with the brakes, steering, and had patches of paint on the outside. Long story short - waste of time.

So here I am stuck in the Beaverton area, my cell phone dying, and I had sold my car the day before. My sister was driving me back to her house so I could decide what to do. We spotted Thomas and decided to stop in. Gustavo came out to greet us and asked what I was looking for. My frustration level was about 8/10 and he let me vent on my experiences with previous sales people and the experience that had just occurred. He was so nice! I told him my price range and that I HAD to have a sunroof. He started showing me cars he thought I would like. I was actually put at ease. He was quick with the Carfax and any information I asked him. I was at a disadvantage, because my cell phone was dying and I didn't have access to a computer to do research. I had to somewhat trust them. In the end, I found a car that fit everything on my list. ") The down was $500 less than the maximum I could pay. The payments ended up being $9 more per month than I wanted, but it is liveable. I have crappy credit. When I got home and was able to do more research, I found that even with financing, tax and license fees, my total is less than what some other dealers are asking for the exact same car. I drove it home (200 miles) and it was great.

We get so used to bad customer service, that we sometimes let the good service go unnoticed, so I just wanted to let others know of my experience. I will come back here first when I am ready to trade this car in.

A Google User