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Finding a Great Truck in the Hillsboro Area

When you’re interested in buying a truck, you may have different considerations than you would when shopping for a car or SUV. While many elements of the car buying experience are the same, there are some additional things to take into account. Here are some questions you should consider before searching for a truck in the Hillsboro area.

What size truck do you want?

Making the choice between a full-size or mid-size pickup is a great place to start. Mid-size trucks are great if you’d like to park it in your garage and maneuver the vehicle more easily. Full-size pickups provide more interior space and a greater ability to tow and haul loads. Usually full-size and mid-size trucks get comparable gas mileage. There’s also the option of heavy-duty pickup trucks with a bigger frame and increased ability to tow and haul, usually at the cost of good gas mileage. Talk to our staff about your needs and we’ll help you work it out.

What’s your budget?

Trucks do tend to be a bit pricier than other vehicles. That’s because you’re combining utility with comfort. If you’ve never owned a truck in the past, the initial sticker shock of shopping for a truck can be overwhelming. But, based on your needs, what you gain will be worth the extra money. Be sure to get pre-approved before shopping for your truck so you know what you can spend and make your choices about the truck you want accordingly. If you have any questions about financing, reach out to our team.

How do you plan to use the truck?

This more than any other question will drive your choices. If you need a truck to tow a boat or jet ski, you’ll want something a little bit different than if you’re buying a truck to haul heavy loads. You’ll also want to consider if you’ll have passengers in the truck often so you can determine what cab size you want. Most trucks come with much of the same technology and comfort in their cabs as premium cars and SUVs, so pickup trucks do make great family vehicles.

Here at Thomas Auto Sales, we’re excited to get you behind the wheel of a great new truck for you! Call (503)-640-8044 to get started.